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Legendary spirit of the Australian high country folk,
The Aussie Visitor Experience
Wilderness Cycling
Safe Breaking
High Country Rail Trail


High country rail trail
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Safe Cycleing
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Legendary spirit of the Australian high country folk,

Everything about the Australian Alps is seen in epic mountain ranges, enchanting wildlife, massive lakes, mysterious rivers, and ample opportunity for that big adventure that reveals the legendary spirit of the Australian high country mountain folk, played out on a vast stage yet delivered through intimate, personal encounters and moments.

The Aussie Visitor Experience

The Visitor Experience Proposition
More than any other destination, the legendary ‘Man fromSnowy River’ Country is an engaging and personal,Magicexperience.   With cyclists looking for more than just scenery or pampered relaxation, and seek aunique and authentic experiences.
Victoria’s Murray River High Country will consistently deliver memorable experiences that,
Touch your senses,
Take you off the beaten track,
Meet the Local highcountry folk and experience the Aussie culture and be able to actively learnabout their heritage,

Wilderness Cycling

The Jagungal Wilderness
The Jagungal Wilderness is one of the most picturesque areas in The Kosciusko National Park. It is the area stretching from Mt Jagungal south to Guthega Power Station and offers great views towards the Main Range. The best way to appreciate the true beauty of the Snowy Mountains is to get off the beaten track and explore The Jagungal Wilderness.
We chose to begin our ride at Round Mountain which is near Mt Selwyn ski fields. From here we headed towards Derschkos Hut where we stopped for lunch.

Safe Breaking

How to... brake safely on your bike?
Breaking is what happens when you don't brake properly when riding a bike!
And if anyone should know this it's our fearless leader Geoff Gabites. When he first set up Adventure South over 20 years ago he went over the handle bars and broke his shoulder in 5 places.
So, if a little advice on applying your brakes on a bike can help the founder of a company that specialises in cycling holidays we hope that it can also help you.
Make sure you stay ahead of the crowd at the Emergency room!

High Country Rail Trail

High Country Rail Trail
January 20, 2013 by dmccrohan
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I rode departed Wodonga late afternoon and rode out to Tallangatta and stayed the night before returning the next morning. Very enjoyable missing the heat of the day and heaps of colourful birds all the way out in the evening. Huon to Tallangatta is great especially riding across the bridge with the water level up so high. Tallangatta Motel was good value for money. Tallangatta Hotel didn't leave the same feeling but bakery was better in the morning.

Opening of the High Country Rail Trail

The long awaited Opening of the High Country Rail Trail
Monday, 22 October 2012
The long awaited opening of the High Country Rail Trail in Victoria has finally arrived with the completion of the Sandy Creek bridge. Started in 2006, completion of the trail was significantly delayed as the bridge construction was planned on the basis of the Hume being dry, but with recent rains this plan needed to change. Ground breaking construction methods were needed, including floating the bridge into place, to accommodate the new water filled Hume.

Forgotten Gold and Aboriginal Trails

Forgotten Gold and Aboriginal Trails
I like to take a leisurely three or four day bike trek through the mountains of the Murray river high country.
Some years back, while browsing through the “Man from Snowy River” Museum in Corryong,I stumbled upon an old map dated back to the late 1890s where I   discovered a couple of old tracks not shown on any current map publications. One was an old gold mining and cattlemen track and the other a track of sorts which follows the gradient of the old blacks track before European settlement.