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“The poet Banjo Patterson rode these roads...
I soon discovered his inspiration in the landscape”.
Rail Trail Treks
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X Country Bike Treks
The Grand Traverse
The Wild Snowy Valleys Way
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Half Day and Mountain Bike Treks
Customise your own group cycling itinerary and departure 
Operating October through to end of April (extended to May in favourable conditions) each year
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Rail Trail Treks
“A landscape of unique beauty where the mountains whisper mysteries of the past”    
Our Murray Valleys High Country Rail Trail Treks allow you to do some great cycling, with tours ranging from 3 to 4 days. Cycling along the High Country Rail Trail and through forrest and farm country, views of snowfields, rare native flora and fauna, wetlands and small hamlets along the journey then can be extended to combine with a cycle tour along the upper Murray Valleys. 
Our High Country Rail and Murray River Road Trail Tours travel along Australia’s Highest and most spectacular Irish Gauge Trestle Trail, through historic and scenic countryside on cycle trails based on the disused railway corridor. This easy gradient nature rich cycling "experience" with character lodgings are suitable for all level of cyclists.
This Rail Trail Classic is a journey into the past. 
Road Cycling Tours
Our fully guided Australian Alps Road Cycling Tours allow you to do some great cycling in and around three of the Australian Alps National parks regions, with cycling rides ranging from 3 to 5 days, and often connecting to form longer itineraries, up to 2 weeks.
On some tours we follow the philosophy of "Cycling the Best and Driving the Rest", as there are days when it is not possible to cycle the whole route between lodgings. For these tours, guides can adapt the daily schedule to allow strong riders to cover more ground, while by using the support vehicle, more relaxed cyclists get to cover from 50 – 70 kms (30 - 45 miles) daily.
“Perhaps it’s the crystal clear high country air or the vast expanses of untamed wilderness which inspired such enthusiasm for life.”
We also offer cycling tours where strong riders can challenge themselves by cycling "inn to inn" each day. It is possible to cycle the whole route around the Australian Alps, through three National Parks from start to finish. Daily distances range from 80 - 120 kms plus. (50 - 75 miles), but recreational cyclists can still enjoy these cycle tours, as the support vehicle is used to transport riders to the best cycling sections.
Cross Country Mountain Biking Treks  
“Magic mountain ranges, hidden valleys, beautiful lakes, an ideal destination to escape and be touched by natures vitality
Secret places where you can explore historic trails through hidden valleys of crystal clear streams with deep mysterious pools flanked by forests and towering mountains that flow through this untouched ancient landscape, out of reach and unknown to all but a privileged few.
Our two cross country mountain biking tours allow you to discover some of the best mountain bike trails across Australian Alps, the Western slopes and remote high country trails of Australia.
Our X country Mountain Biking Treks are aimed at mid-range riders as well as bikers looking for a challenge and wanting to up-skill. Great single track riding mixes with gravel roads and 4WD tracks to access rides, offering stunning scenery.
In many cases an opportunity exists to do more klms as a pre or post ride.
Cyclists should expect to ride 4-6 hours per day with opportunities to relax and soak up the stunning scenery and mixing with the natives during the trip.
Combination Treks
The Grand Traverse and The Wild Snowy Valleys Way
I felt like staying longer than planned”.
For those looking for the chance to explore the best of the Australian Alps
High Country in a single trip, we can link various cycle tours to create the
The Grand Tour of the High Country and The Wild Snowy Valleys Way.
Customise your own group cycling itinerary and departure dates!
If you have a special trip or a departure in mind for your favourite group or friends, discuss your needs with us! Groups can have their trips customised, often to include some special components such as sea kayaking on the Coastal lakes or Lakes of the Australian Alps. Our speciality is having the knowledge and experience to create great itineraries, and providing the toys to make them fun.
Self Guided & Supported Tours
Start your Self Guided tour any day of the year!
One of the good things about our tours is that you can travel at your own pace, and don't have to start at any particular location.
Because some tours are self-guided, you are not restricted to someone else's schedule. Instead you can start and finish your tour any day of the year, subject to availability and tour restrictions. Please refer to each tour for specific exclusions.
Murray Valleys High Country Rail Trail
High Country Rail & Towong Valleys Tour 
High Country Rail and Murray River Road Trail
Half day Optional a trip to Burrowa Pine National Park:
Half day Optional trip to top of Mt Mittamatite
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