Cycle Magic Treks - Experiencing
Wild - Rugged
Untamed - Unspoiled
The Frontier yet to be truly explored.
This is the
'Wild Snowy Valleys Way’
So join us and have a journey shaped and inspired by history, nature and legends.
A 355 kilometer journey between the gateways at Gundagai from the north and Wangaratta at the south entry.
  • That will take you off the feature-less freeway
  • That loops from the western slopes to the east of the Snowy Mountains and back on track.
It’s a journey where wild, raw beauty is your constant companion.
  • Punctuated by world famous views that inspired the legendary ‘Man from Snowy River’
  • Amid this wilderness and born of the mountains, the high country folk, have carved out a lifestyle.
And you can join and share with them in their creativity,
  • In their independence - In their past times,
  • And their history - and unique high-country charm.
This is the magnificent, wild Australia landscape with abundant experiences:-
  • Wineries and galleries
  • Nurseries and orchards
  • Forests and national parks
  • Country pubs and cafes
  • Museums and clubs
  • Festivals and outdoor adventures
  • Accommodation and Shopping
This is a tour of a life.
This is your  'Wild Snowy Valleys Way’ cycling tour.
To enquire further or obtain a free map contact :-
Cycle Magic Treks
T: 02 6077 5235